Costello Foods: Celebrating 25 Years of Residual stock movement

 My company has been trading for 25 years and deals in residual stock, both in the UK and Europe  . We deal with companies like Unilever, Ysco , Incom , Kilargo, Froneri and Mccains. I always pay before collection and I am happy to sign an agreement to remove any sensitive packaging . We have many outlets including into the hospital and prison groups so products can be " lost "  and not hit the retail trade ....

             I would be happy to give you and offer on any problem or overstocks you have . We can guarantee a professional business arrangement at all times .  If you are already dealing with someone are you getting the best price ?  No risk to your company as all business is payment before collection .

   We have a repacking plant here in Leeds and now a repack facility in Grimsby too and can strip, label or repack.We are always looking for excess , short dated , cancelled orders . packaging change or any residual stock that may be a problem to you